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Building Skill – The Magic of Myelin

Today we begin getting into the subject of what is going to get you ahead in work and hopefully other areas of life – the building of skill, and eventually expertise. A skill is any action that you make your body undertake; that can be shooting a basketball, speaking a phrase in a foreign language, an accountant adjusting someone’s tax return, a clerk typing up a document, or a guy at the gym doing a squat. Expertise is when you have built an amalgam of skills in a specific area and can apply them to the point that it is an unconscious process. Continue reading →


Baby Steps

Today I’m going to clue you in on a concept crucial to success in all endeavours of life: baby steps. I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase many times, it essentially means to take small, incremental steps in whatever you are doing. When we look at how skill is developed, this makes perfect sense. Rather than speaking of baby steps in relation to skill, however, I’m going to speak of it in relation to success and goal setting, so that you can apply it to your career, a business plan or any other goal you might have. Continue reading →

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