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The First 6 Months Part 2 – Fitting In

Dylan* had been working as a junior solicitor in a new practice for a few months. It was a very different workplace to what he expected – the owner of the practice was quite old and did everything with a pen and paper, he tolerated almost no criticism, and he could be difficult to work for at the best of times. Dylan would complain to his mother most nights at home, until one night he informed her he was going to say something. “Be very careful” said his mother. “This is an incredibly experienced man working on extremely important, high profile cases, and this is wonderful experience for you. He owns the practice, so he can run it as he sees fit. If you want to speak about something small that’s bothering you, do it respectfully. Don’t go in there all guns blazing with all your problems, it won’t work out.” Dylan decided that he had had enough of how things were run, and laid out his list of grievances to his boss the next day.

He was fired. Continue reading →

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